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Queendom Financial Services is a prominent leader in faith-based financial services and consulting. Established in 2019, by Jaikia Estes, Queendom has taken the lead in educating the African-American community on the importance of credit and finances. With over twelve years in business and customer service, Jaikia is a professional in her field. She takes pride in educating the community, through speaking engagements, workshops, and podcasts. Through her credit restoration program, Jaikia and her team work transparently with clients and their families to restore their financial confidence. In addition to credit restorations, Queendom also offers notary services, life insurance, business analytics, and business consulting services. Queendom is fully licensed and holds the highest integrity standards, to ensure the greatest quality of service to each customer. 

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Are you waiting for the perfect time? The perfect time to fix your credit, increase your income or invest in your legacy? There is not a perfect time but it is time to start. Let us help you achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


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